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Why Natural?

Whenever anyone asks us about all-natural beauty we explain to them that if they're reading food labels (and most people are) then they should be reading beauty labels.

The difficulty is that unhealthy food ingredients are pretty easy to spot (butylated hydroxyanisole, high fructose corn syrup, nitrates, etc) in part because they sound yucky, but also because these days educated consumers know what should and shouldn’t be in healthy food.

Beauty labels are a different story. Tocopherol sounds bad but it’s really just Vitamin E. Arachidyl Glucoside also sounds dodgy but it is made from arachidyl alcohol and glucose and helps to safely moisturize the skin.

On the other hand, isopropylparaben is in a class of preservatives that have been banned in Europe (but very prevalent in products sold in the US and is known to interfere with the body’s hormones and is linked to cancer). Furthermore, there are few regulations on what a brand can claim on its label, which can say that it is “organic” or “all-natural” when it is actually filled with ingredients we would never want to put on our skin.

At Rose City Beauty, we sell only brands formulated with natural, healthy ingredients and no harmful synthetics. We also believe in teaching our customers how to read beauty labels, so if you have questions about the products you’re using currently - bring them in and we’ll go through them together.

Hope to see you soon!

The Rose City Beauty Team